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More than anything else, CFNH is FAMILY to me. It’s the place I go to better myself, challenge myself, understand myself, and become my best self with the watchful eye of a group of people who have my best interests in mind. Many places (gyms and beyond) over use the ‘family’ analogy, but that’s not the case at CFNH. The coaches and athletes are actually family to so many of us who don’t have our own nearby.  

CFNH provides an environment in which like-minded individuals with a variety of goals and motivations can come together to share, learn, teach, encourage, and love each other. We rally around each other through good and bad. We support each other inside the gym and out. We teach each other far more than lifting technique and movement standards… we teach each other acceptance, belonging, strength, courage, confidence, and unconditional support.  

CFNH is a place where we all sweat out our issues from the day, learn to problem solve by finding a way to get one more round in, discover our true strength by pushing through discomfort for a goal, realize our potential by looking at the faces of those who believe in us more than we might believe in ourselves. We don’t strive to be the best in the region, the country, or the world; we strive to be our best SELVES. To me that is far more important. I feel supported enough to be ME (afraid of box jumps/slow runner/heavy lifter) and to be met where I am, not where I should be.  

Look at how many FB friends you have in common with your other CFNH people… 50, 60, 70. In what other network are you so closely affiliated with that many of the same people? Those people aren’t acquaintances that I appeared in a photo with. Those people are my CFNH family, my friends, and my partners in WOD. I know more about them and their lives than my colleagues, college friends, and neighbors. We are FAMILY.